Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a House Cleaning Service

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Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a House Cleaning Service

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Choosing a house-cleaning service is different from picking someone to mow your lawn or clean your gutters. It is more intimate than most business relationships because in many cases, house cleaners have the key to your house.  House cleaning services are responsible for caring for your belongings, dusting your family portraits and cleaning valuable heirlooms.  For those reasons, there are many items that one should consider when choosing a house cleaning service.

Here are six questions, you should consider when Choosing a House Cleaning Service.

1.  Is the company a member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI)?

Membership in this organization shows a dedication to the ethical standards of ARCSI. Also, it is a dedication to quality in the residential cleaning industry.

2.  Is the work guaranteed?

Ask about how a company checks quality and what happens if you are not satisfied with all or part of your cleaning.  The companies who are truly committed to quality will have a quality assurance process. Moreover, they will always be willing to come back and redo the cleaning to your satisfaction if you let them know within 24 hours of original cleaning. 

3. Can I get references from other clients?

Any cleaning service can say whatever they want about their past jobs.  Make sure you can depend on the cleaning service by reading comments and reviews from their past and current customers.

4. Can I get an in-home, written estimate?

This one will allow you to get an outline of specific tasks of cleaner will perform. Additionally, it as well as help the cleaning service is evident on your expectations and familiar with your home.

5. What are the costs involved?

Obviously, the cost is always a deciding factor, but remember small cost is not always the best option.  The low cost might be due to their house cleaners not insured or bonded. It can also be because they are not able to replace an item if broken. Alternatively, it can be because the equipment and supplies used in your home could also be less expensive and less effective.  There could also be hidden costs or pressure to add services which also goes to the importance of #4.

6. Can I get proof  or documentation of background checks of the cleaning technicians who will work in my home?

The costly investment of background checks of workers is only made by cleaning service companies who are serious about protecting their clients and employees.  These cleaning companies are more likely to have higher caliber employees working in your home.

When deciding on house cleaning services, it is a good idea to compare cleaning services. However, be sure you are comparing similar services.  When comparing multiple written estimates, it is important to check if the frequency of cleanings, the inclusion of services, equipment, and supplies (are they provided by all companies?), and some cleaners per team is similar.

Choosing a house cleaning service is a major decision and a personal one.  Take the time to consider these items and find a good reliable company that will be providing you quality for years to come.

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