Robot Vacuums: Worth the Hype or Should You Get House Cleaning?

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Robot Vacuums: Worth the Hype or Should You Get House Cleaning?

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People really love their robot vacuums.  They give them names and personalities, in some cases treating the vacuum like a family pet.  But do they keep your floors clean?  I’ve seen various robot vacuums at clients’ homes, and I was curious as to how effective they are.  After doing some research, I decided to put this quick guide together for anyone who might be considering buying a robot vacuum.

Things to consider Before Buying a Robot Vacuum

Size of the space

Many of the reviews I read claimed that robot vacuums work best in smaller homes and apartments.  Most of the vacuums hold their charge for 60-70 minutes, which wouldn’t be enough time for larger spaces.  The maximum charge of any robo vac that I could find was 90 minutes.  They also can’t do stairs at all.  If you have a multilevel home that is an important consideration to make.

Type of flooring

The robot vacuums work well on hard floors and tile, for the most part.  I saw varying reports on their performance on carpeting. Some reviews say they don’t work on any kind of carpeting, and others say they work on shorter pile carpet.  If you have a thick pile carpet you should probably stick with the traditional vacuum.


If you have pets who shed a lot, a robo vac can be an invaluable assistant in keeping the floors from collecting too much hair daily.  However, one big caveat: if you have pet who is prone to accidents indoors, the vacuum can and will track the mess everywhere if you run it unattended.

Free Time

If you’re already vacuuming the house daily, then a robo vac probably isn’t going to improve things all that much.  A traditional vacuum still provides much more powerful suction than any of the robot vacuums on the market.  However, if you find vacuuming consistently falling to the bottom of your weekly chores list, these vacuums can help fill in the gaps.


If you’re busy, have pets and kids, and/or need a relatively small area vacuumed, then a robot vacuum could be a good fit for your home.  Most reviewers acknowledge that robo vacs aren’t really a replacement for your manual vacuum, and you’ll still need to do some of your own vacuuming on occasion.  It’s just another tool in your floor cleaning tool kit.  And hey, if you really don’t want to ever vacuum your floors ever again, drop us a line.  We have a “never vacuum again” guarantee.

If you’re interested in more about robot vacuums, this article has a very comprehensive rating of a lot of the most popular models on the market right now.