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How Often Should You Clean – The Science Behind House Cleaning

Ever wondered how often should you clean and scrub the bathtub, clean inside the fridge or wipe out the microwave? Scientists are wondering too.

A recent article by Sophie Miura, published by Domaine (TNS), cites scientific research that suggests we should probably do it more often than we think.

Cleaning the toilet more often than the tub? Then, Consider this: the typical bathtub harbors more skin-infection bacteria than a garbage can. How often should you clean it? Like the toilet, it should be cleaned at least once a week.

The salad drawers in your fridge can contain 750 times the safe level of bacteria. So, how often should you clean it? Well, we recommend to clean them out monthly. Furthermore, platters in the microwave are ripe for bacterial growth as well. The article recommends wiping down the microwave once a week and doing a deeper clean monthly.

Kitchen countertops are dirtiest around the sink. How often should you clean it? Wipe the surface every day. Change sponges and washcloths weekly.

And if you are reading this while eating at your desk, know that one study found “keyboards harbor five times the bacteria found on a toilet seat” and “10% of people never clean them.”  The article recommends a disinfectant spray once a week for the keyboard and mouse. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to get between the keys.

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