Seasonal House Cleaning Checklist

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Seasonal House Cleaning Checklist

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Spring has officially begun, and in the pacific northwest, we have even been experiencing some beautiful sunny weather recently.  Spring is known for a time to clean and get the house freshened up, but there are cleaning tasks that one should do at every season change.

Here are a few items that Clean and Simple Cleaning™ think are important to include on your seasonal house cleaning checklist at the start of each season.  Please check out our other house cleaning checklists as well; weekly and monthly.

Seasonal House Cleaning Checklist

Thoroughly clean

  • Windows
  • Outside accessory items such as grills and patio furniture
  • Gutters (these should be looked at in the spring and end of summer unless there is a problem about them)
  • Baseboards and moldings
  • All vents (change filters if needed)
  • Fire place
  • Blinds
  • Oven (either run your self-cleaning oven and wipe away any excess left once completed or hand clean)
  • Interior of all your cabinets.

Check Maintenance Issues

The change of seasons is an excellent time to do a walk around both the inside and outside your house and check for any maintenance issues.  All windows should especially be checked.  So, add any items on your to-do list to complete or to make phone calls to a professional depending on the issue and your abilities.  Set a timeframe to perform these maintenance issues and stick with it.

Clutter Control

Organize and get rid of items that are no longer needed by your family or are outside of their prime.  Make sure to cover…

  • closets
  • pantry
  • medicine cabinets
  • kid’s bedrooms
  • garage


  • Replace baking soda in fridge
  • Change out batteries on smoke detectors

To help with these extra chores, we offer specialty deep cleanings and have a monthly special this April offering 1/2 off any of our add on services.