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Snow Precautions to Protect House Cleaners and Your Family

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Much of the Northwest saw its first snowfall this week. Waking up the first flurries of the year fell from the sky in Mukilteo, which continued on my drive to work through the Lynnwood and Edmonds area.  While snow can excite the kids, create a more traditional holiday season, and stress out drivers, it can also make for a slippery, treacherous mess.

Not only do you want to keep your family safe, keep in mind your friendly house cleaners will be dealing with snow conditions as well. Being a professional house cleaning service means snow is just another obstacle in providing you with a quality house cleaning. If you have a scheduled house cleaning in the near future make sure to keep our house cleaners safe by taking proper snow precautions.

Most people enjoy falling snowflakes when they are safe inside their home with their kids making snowmen in the yard. However, snow can be dangerous if appropriate safety measures aren’t made especially for your house cleaners. Everyone’s had the awesome experience of slipping on ice in their driveway and it never feels good. This is why clearing your driveway is so important when it snows. Professional house cleaners, like the crew at Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ never put their cleaning on hold for a little snow but they hope your house is maintained so they’re not put into a dangerous situation. Here are some Snow precautions and tips you can do to keep our house cleaners and your loved ones safe:

  • Always make sure to shovel excess snow off the walkways and use a deicer if needed. Rock salt is commonly used to melt snow and ice off of driveways. While this does melt the snow, there are more eco-friendly ways to stay safe.
  • Stay on top of shoveling and don’t let the snow build up. Snow is much lighter when it is fresh. Moreover, snow  will not strain your body as much if you are doing a little shoveling at a time.
  • Sand is commonly used to help increase traction. This doesn’t melt snow, but it does provide a more eco-friendly way to keep your feet on the ground. Wearing proper boots that provide good traction will also help.
  • Avoid cat litter-some people believe this helps melt or provide traction. While it might help a little it is more expensive than sand and makes for a huge mess when the snow melts. Sand will work just as good if not better!
  • If you must go with rock salt make sure to only apply as much as needed to melt the snow. Many directions call for much more salt than is actually needed wasting your money and hurting the environment.

By using these simple Snow precautions and tips you can keep your driveway clear of snow. Moreover, it will keep you safe and help our house cleaners safely clean your home. Also remember to never rely on electricity! Heavy snowfall can cause power to go out, which in turn disables electric garage doors. If you’re like me and didn’t carry a house key until faced with this circumstance take this as a reminder to always have a spare key or have a friend that holds onto one for you.  If the power does go out make sure you have a generator or alternate form of heat. It is important to ensure that you and your family can keep warm. Taking the necessary steps to prepare for snow can allow you to stay safe and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Cleanings almost always go as scheduled during the Western Washington snow. However, we will never put our house cleaners in danger while getting to your house. If you suspect that snow has caused dangerous driving conditions and are unsure if your cleaning will be cancelled there are a couple ways to check. One way is calling the office, more than likely we will have someone answering calls unless the conditions are unbearable. You can also check local schools, if the Mukilteo School DistrictEdmonds School District or other surrounding schools are canceled for the day more than likely our cleaning schedules will be disrupted because house cleaners are unable to get to work. Remember safety always comes first. Additionally, we hope these tips can keep you, your family, and our house cleaners safe this winter. Wishing you happy holidays from the Clean and Simple Crew.

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