Start of School

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Start of School

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The start of school is upon us. Which means gone are the relaxing days of summer, and the busy fall schedules are in full force.  I often find that with the start of school, we often try to change our ways a bit, sort of like new years resolutions.  It is a new start, so we set goals of being organized, meal planning, new exercise regimen, implementing homework hour and yes keeping our houses cleaner.

We tell ourselves that we have a strict schedule to adhere to with the start of school. So, we will be able to do all these things. Some of us even think we will do them all perfectly and some of us gave up that hope a long time ago!

There will be enough time to plan. Furthermore, prepare healthy meals for our families and go to the gym on top of sports practices, homework and club meetings.  We start rationalizing things like house cleaning will be easier.

All because the kids are in school and we will spend less time in the house. Alternatively, the rain is coming. So, we will not want to spend our time outside in the garden or to go on hikes and bike rides.

I have fallen into these traps before and I have seen my friends do it too, and sadly it usually doesn’t work out that well.  Houses get dirtier when you are going in and out more times.

The added foot traffic increases the dirt coming in, and the hurriedness of most fall schedules also get us off track with picking up after ourselves.  Then when it is time to clean, more time is spent picking up and putting away than actual deep cleaning.  (Yes, I am the proud Mother of two energetic and active boys!)

There are many items on the calendar. Moreover, we know we will eventually start hearing about how many days it has been since we have seen the sun. Moreover, we will start thinking about what we would rather be doing and feeling overwhelmed by our to do lists and new schedules.

To help lessen the stress of the start of school, Clean and Simple Cleaning™ is offering a Back to School special.  Let us help. Whether it is adding an extra cleaning on your rotation or a one time cleaning to get things ready for the school year or better yet starting regular service to help keep the house clean on an on-going basis throughout the year. You can save 20% on a cleaning scheduled this month using promo code SCHOOL TIME CLEAN.

Clean and Simple Cleaning™ understands a change in schedules can mix up the cleaning routine.  We know the start of school, along with all the other classes, clubs and sports starting up can be overwhelming just as much as exciting.  We live it day to day too, and we want to help.

Call us today 425-673-4733 to schedule a one-time cleaning or fill out an estimate request form for regular service.