Do-It-Yourself Steps to a Detailed Car Cleaning

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Do-It-Yourself Steps to a Detailed Car Cleaning

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Fall is a great time to do a detailed cleaning of your car since we spend the winter months cooped up in the car.  Here are six do-it-yourself steps to a thorough car cleaning.

Step 1 – Slide Seats to Clean  

Pick up by hand any items or larger garbage and then vacuum the rest using a brush attachment for the dash and door pockets.

Step 2 – Deep-Clean Carpet and Upholstery

Using a carpet cleaning machine allows you to get the dirt. It allows you to get even the dirt that is deep in the carpet and cloth seats. You have the option to rent a machine or use a spray-on cleaner and scrub brush instead.

Step 3 – Clean and Condition Leather or Vinyl Seats

Use a leather cleaner and rub with a clean terry cloth rag.  (Fold and refold the cloth to ensure you only use clean sections. It is so you do not spread dirt).  After seats dry, rub in a leather conditioner.

Step 4 – Remember to Clean Nooks and Crannies and Air Vents

It is in the details, as they say. So, make sure to clean the trim lines by wrapping a cloth with cleaning solution on it around a flat screwdriver and gently clean the trim, buttons, and controls.  Use a small, clean paintbrush with furniture polish on it to remove crumbs and dust from the tight, hard to get to spaces including air vents.

Step 5 – Wash the Windows

Do not forget to roll down your window. Additionally, get the top of it, the part usually hidden when completely rolled up.

Step 6 – Deal with Odor  

If your car still smells after you have cleaned it, place a cup of vinegar on a level surface overnight.  It should suck up the enzymes and rid the car of any unpleasant odor.  Place a sheet of scented fabric softener or a couple of drops of aromatherapy oil under the seats.

Now with your car looking and smelling great, it is the perfect time to ensure you have supplies prepared for winter. Make sure you have an ice scraper, umbrella, blanket and warm gloves along with an emergency road kit in your car.  And since one of the benefits of cleaning is an organization, go ahead and make sure your vehicle registration, proof of insurance is current and neatly in the glove compartment.

If you follow these do-it-yourself steps to a thorough car cleaning this fall, you and your passengers will be appreciative when you are on the go this winter.