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6 Easy Cleaning Steps to Streak Free Mirrors

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Following these simple steps to make your mirrors shine and be streak free in about 90 seconds.

Supplies Needed to Obtain Streak Free Mirrors

There are 4 cleaning supplies needed before getting started on your mirrors; glass cleaner, a flat-weave microfiber cloth, rubbing alcohol, and cotton pads.

Using specialized cleaner for glass is important whether you make it yourself or buy it from the store.  Glass cleaner is made to not be sudsy which helps keep soap from being left on the glass.  Flat-weave microfiber cloths are the best tool for the job as they promote fast drying, are lint-free, and keeps particles from clinging to the cloth.

Cleaning Steps for Streak Free Mirrors

  1. Quickly look over the mirror to locate any build-up spots (hairspray, toothpaste, etc…) and rub them off with rubbing alcohol using a cotton pad.
  2. Spray (only a mist is needed) the mirror with glass cleaner.
  3. Fold your microfiber cloth into fourths, so you can refold it during the process if needed and always have a clean surface to clean with.
  4. Starting at the top left corner, drag the cloth to the top right corner, bring it down and go back towards the left.  Use this zig zag pattern until you are at the bottom of the mirror.
  5. Step back and search for any marks while standing at a 45 degree angle.  This helps to allow any streaks or spots to easily been seen.  Wipe down any spots by spraying your cloth and quickly wiping that area again.
  6. Enjoy you sparkling streak free mirrors.
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