Super Bowl Party Tips and Ideas


Super Bowl Party Tips and Ideas


Whether you’re planning to spend the Super Bowl this year at home with close family, or if you’re hosting a larger group, we’ve got some great Super Bowl party tips for how to make your event extra special (and stress-free!).

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Make this year’s Super Bowl party the best ever–no matter the type of gathering you’re planning.

Super Bowl party Tip #1: The food!

You cannot have a football party (or any party, really!) without food. Good food. Wings and nachos always go well with football. Cheese balls and crackers, chocolate covered strawberries or cake, also make frequent appearances on football party tables!  Bite size food is great for entertaining, because people can get up and help themselves, and it’s easy to eat sitting around the TV. We’ve put together a list of some recipe ideas, including both traditional and more adventurous options, depending on where you want to take your Super Bowl party. 

The Traditional Super Bowl Menu

The Vegetarian Super Bowl Menu

The Adventurous (ish) Super Bowl Menu

Super Bowl Menu for a Small Group

Super Bowl Party Tip #2: Games & Activities (Aside from the football game, of course)

The primary activity is obviously watching the big game.

However, having commercial bingo or a football pool going can add to the excitement. Furthermore, it includes any guests who might not be into the actual game. 

A round or two of “Don’t Say Football,” where each guest is given a small paper football and told they are not allowed to say the word “football” while in conversation throughout a given span of time is also fun. If a guest hears someone use the word, he or she takes the football from the offending party. The individual who collects the most footballs is the winner.

If you have younger guests at your party, have them play a round or two of hot potato with a football or have a football throwing contest outside.

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Additional games keep everyone involved, even those who might not be as into the football itself.

Super Bowl Party Idea #3: Party cleaning tips to help make your life easier before and after the game

First impressions

The entryway might be in need of some extra love from the higher-than-usual traffic. 

In the kitchen

The kitchen tends to be where the party lands— after all, that’s where your guests find all the delicious food! Your stove top and cabinets might be overdue for a good wipe down.

The refrigerator (especially that extra one in the basement or garage!) could likely use a deep clean. 

Ask the professionals (like Clean & Simple)

Talk to your professional cleaning teams about the areas you think need some extra cleaning. Ask them for their recommendations. There might be an extra charge for cleaning blinds, baseboards, or the refrigerator, but it’s worth it to have your home looking its best!

Give yourself a break

Don’t feel as if all of the party clean up needs to happen that same night.

Get things picked up and all in one place.  It will be easier to tackle the mess if it is centralized in one place.  Spot check carpets and furniture for any stains which need attention right away.  Then go to bed and start fresh in the morning.

It can also be super helpful and stress-reducing to book a post-party clean up with your professional cleaning service. Clean and Simple Cleaning™ offers a number of special event options for one time and deep cleaning services.