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Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer

This past weekend was the Seattle 3 Day Susan G Komen Walk to raise money for breast cancer.  Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ loves the sea of pink (not only because we could easily camouflage in with them) because of the hardcore dedication it represents to fight against this horrible disease.

Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ has been supporting breast cancer since the company was started in through programs, donations and sponsorships.  We will be highlighting the different organizations we have and continue to work with throughout October.  I personally was reminded why it is so crucial to keep supporting breast cancer by a friend who just walked 60 miles when asked to complete the following task…

Write down 8 names of women who are important to you.  Coming up with 8 women who are important is pretty easy. So, go ahead and write a second list of 8 names of women who have been blessings in your life.

You should now be looking at 16 names of beautiful women who have enriched your life and helped form who you are today.

Circle 2 names on your paper of women whom you are ready to watch battle breast cancer.

My pen didn’t move.  A tear fell from my eye.  I didn’t want to imagine.  I was terrified.

Terrified because the truth is…

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in our lifetime.

We believe in the importance of taking care of those who are battling and supporting prevention so others don’t have to face the battle.  Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ is proud to help fight against cancer.

Check back with Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ throughout the month of October. Find out more about how we support breast cancer including information about our 3rd annual Deanie Douglas Housecleaning Award.

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