Valentines Day Party Ideas

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Valentines Day Party Ideas

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Valentines Day is one of my favorites holidays to celebrate as I love to express my love to my family and friends.  I try to express my care every day, but a holiday to celebrate love and friendship makes me want to do it in fun and special ways.

One of the best ways to celebrate is to throw a Valentines Day Party.

Whether you are looking for ways to party with your entire family, your kids, or your friends, check out these fun Valentines Day Party ideas.

Valentines Family Dinner Party

My family tradition is to have heart shaped pancakes (to not waste any pancakes, I do half the batter pink and half normal, so I can cut the hearts and place in the opposite colored pancakes, so there aren’t any scraps that go uneaten).  We also have strawberries cut in heart shapes with whip cream and have strawberry milk with fun straws.  Placing a little love note at each place setting sets the mood for a love filled dinner.

Another family fun Valentines activity is to have each member write down something they love about each family member on a separate sheet of paper and give it to that person.  Then each person reads their slips of papers and tries to guess who wrote what.  Could also be done with a group of friends as long as everyone knows each other.

Kid’s Party with Cookie Decoration Station

Kids are always ready to party.  Some Valentine party theme ideas are hugs and kisses, super hero, mustaches, or keep it traditional simply with hearts.  I think having one big activity is the simplest way to handle a kid party and cookie (or cupcake) decorating stations are always a big hit.  They will have a blast creating their masterpiece with different colors of frosting, sprinkles, and candy available to them.  Simply add a fruit kabob (maybe even all red or in heart shapes) and a drink and you have the food covered too!  Don’t think this is a fun idea for just younger kids…your middle schoolers might surprise you.

Valentines Day Tea

Invite your girlfriends over for a wonderful Valentine’s Day Tea.  Get some friendship tea bags or just an assortment and maybe even have everyone bring their favorite tea cup.  Serve heart shaped sandwiches or special red and pink frosted cookies for a treat.  Remember the most important thing though is making time to get together and celebrate your friendship.

Dessert and Wine Party with the Girlfriends

I love to get together with my girlfriends to unwind and laugh together.  A fun way to celebrate your friendship with your best gals is to invite them over for dessert and wine.  (This could also be a great couple party too!)  If you are a baker, go for it and make your specialty.  If not, ask everyone to bring a dessert tray or simply order a few options from your favorite bakery.  Offer a variety of wines and let the fun begin.

Throwing a party to celebrate the love and friendship you have for your family and friends is a perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day.  Let us know with a comment if you use any of these party ideas or if you have a party idea to share.

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