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Do It Yourself vs. House Cleaning Services?

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Since I work at a house cleaning company, the answer seems like a no-brainer, but I can honestly relate to the Do It Yourself (DIY) way of thinking.

Since I have started at Clean and Simple Cleaning ™, I have not always chosen to have my house cleaned.  I thought it was a luxury. A luxury that I did not need to spend money in the first place.  I also felt since I am physically able to clean my house, I should be the one to clean it.  I wanted to be superwoman. All with a clean home, behaved children, dinner on the table, and a paycheck in the bank.  Luckily for me (and probably my kids too), I gave up being superwoman as I would always fall short and missed what was truly important.Baseboards

Here are the reasons why I changed seeing house cleaning services as a luxury to extremely valuable:
  • My time is valuable
  • I have other things I like to do MORE (much more!)
  • When cleaning my own house I get involved in the other little projects like reorganizing the bookshelf or pantry shelves, so it takes more time when I only have a little available in the first place.
  • My schedule is full, so I end up putting cleaning off until later. Which, unfortunately, led to my home with two kids and a puppy getting ‘well-used’ and cluttered.
However, now that I have house cleaning services:
  • I get everything picked up and clutter-free. So my house gets picked up on a more regular basis. Making it easier, faster and more manageable.
  • It provides me time and energy to tackle those little projects that used to get pushed to the side or get left half done.
  • It adds balance to my life. Which I, personally, believe is invaluable especially as a single mom.

Having house cleaning services is one of the best things I have done for myself and my family.  Having a clean home adds a peacefulness to my home and my mind.  It reduces my stress. Furthermore, it helps to allow me to be present with my family. And not to always think that I need to clean our bathroom and the floors vacuumed.

We offer regularly scheduled cleanings. Which, you have the option of having weekly, bi-weekly and every three weeks for a flat rate after an initial cleaning billed hourly.  Check our specials out and fill out our estimate request form or call the office and give yourself the gift of time, relaxation, and a clean house!  We also offer one time and move out cleanings.

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