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Winter Cleaning Checklist


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That Winter Clean Feeling

We all know about spring cleaning—but what about winter cleaning? It tends to be wet or snowy outside, so you’re tracking in more mud than usual. You’re also spending more time in your home—with all that dust and all those germs. Maintaining a clean home in winter is incredibly important for the health and comfort of you and your family.


That’s why we’re sharing our favorite deep-cleaning tips for a winter-clean home—plus a free printable checklist!


Winter Cleaning Checklist

  1. Turn over furniture to vacuum bottoms. The undersides of furniture can be magnets for dust bunnies and other dirt, and gentle vacuuming can prevent that dust from getting into the air.
  2. Clean tops of doors, trim, and artwork/hanging photographs. There are many small horizontal surfaces in your home that trap dust, such as:
  • Interior doors
  • Trim, including baseboards and chair rails
  • Artwork and mirrors
  • Electrical wall plates
  • Wall-mounted smoke detectors, CO detectors, and thermostats
  • Upper kitchen cabinets
  • Light bulbs and light fixtures
  • Computer monitors and other electronic devices
  • Books on shelves
  1. Clean behind the fridge. Specifically, the condenser coils on the back or bottom of the refrigerator. Cleaning these can help your fridge run more efficiently, and possibly extend its life.
  • If the coils are on the back of your fridge, you will need to pull it away from the wall and unplug it while you’re working. You can brush or vacuum the coils, and then clean up any dust and dirt on the floor.
  • If the coils are underneath the fridge, you can clean them through the front bottom faceplate that covers the coils. Remove the faceplate. Clean using a brush, or a vacuum attachment designed to clean under refrigerators.
  1. Clean ceiling fan blades. Ceiling fan blades catch a ton of dust and dirt. Use an old pillowcase to clean them, trapping dust inside the pillowcase instead of knocking onto furniture (or into your eyes).
  2. Use a checklist. You can download our free Winter Cleaning Checklist here.
  3. Hire the professionals. Feeling overwhelmed at the work ahead of you? Too busy but tired of looking at the mess? Don’t forget—Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ can help you with all the items on this list! If you are interested in learning more about our cleaning services and options, you can contact us through this form, or call (425)673-4733.


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