As the winter months loom, it is time for you and your family to make sure you are prepared. While there are many tasks to take care of to prepare for the colder winter months, winter cleaning is something that should not be overlooked. Following the tips below will help your home perform more efficiently and allow you to enjoy the indoor environment while you spend more time inside. Here is a checklist you can use to ensure your home is prepared and sparkling for winter.


1. Check your furnace system.

Each winter, you should check your furnace system and replace its filters. It is also a good idea to have your vents and air ducts cleaned. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that people change their HVAC filters at least every month and more often when the system is under heavy use. Changing the filters and having the ducts and vents cleaned help to ensure that your system will run more efficiently and help to prevent dust and allergens from building up inside of your home.


2. Clear out the clutter.

If clutter has collected inside of your home, now is the time to clear it out. It will be much easier for you to keep your home neat and clean if you are not overwhelmed by clutter. Getting rid of clutter also helps to make room for gifts you will receive during the holidays. Some tips to help you declutter include the following:

  • If you have not used it for one year, donate it.
  • Use three boxes labeled keep, donate, and throw away.
  • Start small before building up to tackle larger projects.
  • Work together with a friend or family member to declutter more quickly.
  • Go through your closet and dresser to get rid of clothes that no longer fit.
  • Donate toys your children have outgrown.


3. Have your dryer vents professionally cleaned.

Even with a lint trap, lint can accumulate in your dryer’s hoses and its back. Lint build-up can create a fire hazard, making it important to have it cleaned at least once per year. Lint buildup also makes your dryer work less efficiently, so cleaning it out can help to reduce your energy bills.


3. Clean your chimney.

If you have a fireplace in your home, it is critical for you to ensure that your chimney is properly maintained. Buildup in your chimney can cause a fire. It can also reduce the air quality in your home. The best way to ensure your chimney is properly cleaned and maintained is to get the help of a professional.


4. Deep clean your kitchen and kitchen appliances.

Most people do a lot more cooking during the winter months. This makes it important for you to clean your kitchen appliances, including your oven, stove, refrigerator, and freezer. Do not forget to clean behind your appliances, too. While you are at it, it is a good time to dust your cabinets and drawers and clean out your refrigerator and freezer. Check the food on your shelves to get rid of anything that is expired, and clean the grease and food buildup on your vent hood and backsplashes. Make sure to give the kitchen floors a thorough cleaning so that you will be left with a sparkling-clean kitchen your whole family can enjoy.


5. Clean your curtains, carpets, and furniture.

Keeping your carpets, furniture, and curtains clean during the winter can greatly enhance the enjoyability of your home’s indoor space. Pet hair, smells, and stains can build up in carpets, making it important to clean them regularly. Dust can settle on curtains, and dirt particles can settle into the crevices of your furniture. At the same time, winter brings snow and mud that people can track into your home on their shoes. Thoroughly clean your carpets, furniture, and curtains to reduce dirt buildup and improve the air quality of your home.


6. Wash your windows.

Winter weather makes smears and dirt on glass more noticeable. You will also want to allow more natural light into your home during the day, and keeping the windows clean and smear-free can help to brighten your home and combat feeling down when it is cold outside. Make sure to clean the sills and glass, and don’t forget to dust your blinds.


Get help from Clean and Simple to prepare for winter

Thoroughly cleaning your home as winter approaches can help you and your family to enjoy the time that you will spend inside together. If you simply do not have the time to complete the steps on this checklist, contact Clean and Simple Cleaning™ for help. We can help to ensure that your home is in tip-top shape so that you will be ready for winter. Call us today at 425-673-4733 to request a quote and schedule an appointment.